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Pokemon XY, Y and Z, a new game by Game Freak, are the biggest Nintendo games ever – The Verge

An early teaser of the new Pokemon game, which will be announced later this week, was leaked online yesterday.It seems the title of the teaser is “Yandere Simulator”, which is a direct translation of the title from the Japanese release of the game.This title is the first in a series of titles to be revealed […]

What’s the difference between orange anime and Cool Anime?

The difference between Orange Anime and Cool, or anime, is that Cool Anime is a bit more intense and more playful than Orange Anime.In the Cool anime, you get a lot of action, like when a cute, innocent girl is dragged through the streets by a villain who wants to capture her.Or when a little […]

When the lolly’s back: ‘Audie’ gets her own movie in 2017

Overlord is getting its own movie.The live-action movie, which was first announced in January 2017, will follow the adventures of the adorable, yet mischievous, animal-crossing lolly, who’s best friends with the overlord (voiced by Keanu Reeves).The film will star Audrey, an actress who previously voiced the overlords daughter, Lillie.Audie is the first of several Lillies […]

How to raise a loving and caring animal companion

It’s a tough life in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.That’s why we love Lolly.The cute little dog who can make you feel all warm and fuzzy when you pet her.The petting zoo.The adorable kittens.And then there’s Lolly, the fluffy dog who will also make you want to touch her every now and then.Lolly is an emotional support […]

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