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Pokemon XY, Y and Z, a new game by Game Freak, are the biggest Nintendo games ever – The Verge

An early teaser of the new Pokemon game, which will be announced later this week, was leaked online yesterday.It seems the title of the teaser is “Yandere Simulator”, which is a direct translation of the title from the Japanese release of the game.This title is the first in a series of titles to be revealed […]

‘Killing Floor 2’ is an anime-style game about murder and violence, says developer

Kotaku UK is reporting that Killer FFXV is an “anime-style” game where players are expected to take on the role of a cat called FFXIV:ARR (or just FFXVI, depending on your region).The game will be free-to-play for PC and consoles, and includes a number of game modes, including a PvP mode.The game was announced at […]

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