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How to make anime mouths out of anime mouths

Anime mouths, or anime twist, are the anime characters’ mouths that are used to add a layer of emotion to their expressions.The mouths are designed so that they can change in intensity and color as the character’s emotions change.There are two types of anime twist: one with mouth buttons, which are located on the lower […]

Japanese anime fandom to turn to meme to survive in post-internet age

A new generation of anime fans is starting to take note of the rise in popularity of anime-inspired meme-based posts on social media, hoping to replicate the success of the Japanese phenomenon of kawaii.The meme-driven trend is a trend that has been gaining steam for the past few years in Japan, where fans and anime […]

When the internet was slow, anime girls got the Internet, now it’s fast

When I was a kid, I watched a lot of anime and manga.My favorite was a girl named Sakura Gakuin (which was also called “Anime Girl Names”).When she was a teenager, she got a gig writing about anime in a Japanese magazine called Dengeki Bunko.It was a huge deal.Sakura’s story was so epic, and her […]

Which animal crossing paintings are worth your time?

I don’t know what it is about these animal crosses that’s so inspiring and so inspiring to me, but it seems like there are so many great artists who are making amazing works of art.I love the fact that they’re bringing this amazing, beautiful, life-giving beauty into our everyday life.The people who are doing these […]

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