[reddit] The Orange Is the New Black, The Littlest Pet Shop, and the Future of Television

A new podcast by the same name, titled Orange Is The New Black: The Litterbox and the Littles is on the air this Friday.

It will cover a range of topics, including the Netflix Original series and its Netflix premiere episode, and an episode of the new show from creator and executive producer Jenji Kohan.

The podcast will feature guests including “Orange Is the Movie’s” Allison Williams, as well as Orange Is a Lesbian’s Samira Wiley, and “Orange is the New Girl’s” Emily V. Gordon.

The show will also feature guests such as executive producer David Cross, as they will discuss the show, its history, and its future.

The LITTLEST PET SHOP article This is an excerpt from a story that ran in The Hollywood Reporter on March 3, 2018.

This story contains spoilers from the latest season of Orange Is

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