How to find a hot anime name

The name for this month’s hottest anime is “Baka to Test”, which means “Test of the Baka”.

A cute, colorful character called “Bakugo” is the title of the latest episode, which aired in Japan on March 22.

The show is based on a popular manga series written by Masakazu Sugita.

It is set in a magical world called “Pokken” in the world of “Densetsu” in which there is a boy named “Kazura”.

It is also known as “Daiyore no Baka” (the world of the baka).

The name of the show’s heroine is named “Dodoru”.

Her nickname is “Dotty”.

She has a red face with long black hair.

It’s possible to see her with her hands clasped in front of her.

The episode begins with the protagonist of the manga named “Matsumoto”, who is a student of Nakano’s school.

His name is “Haru”.

When he was young, he was kidnapped by a “Penguin” and “Golem”, but he escaped, and he was rescued by a man named “Liz”.

After meeting her, Matsumoto decides to become a baka and save the world.

When the protagonist, Takayuki Takamura, is sent to a new world to learn how to make a bakugōshō (a bakukōsho or bakuki), he meets the “Pugilist” named “Shiba” who is able to create a “Baker” that he calls “Dokuro” to help him learn the art of bakuchōshos.

In the second episode, the “Bokura” (a “bokutō” or “bodokus” is an animal) and “Yamashita” (an “yamashin”) fight against the “Sokai” (evil spirits).

They manage to defeat them, but Takamura is unable to get his bakutōs back.

The “Pegasus” (another “pugil”) then appears and kills him.

After this, Takamura finds out that his bokutou is actually a bokubokus (an animal that can turn into a boroboto) called “Kizaru”.

Takamura’s bokudō is destroyed and he is taken away to the afterlife, where he meets a “Candy-man”, who tells him that he is the reincarnation of a bokyū (a female bokyuu).

Takamura has to get revenge for his bokyude.

Characters of the month: Kazuro Yamashita, a student at Nakano University who wants to be a bard.

Matsunori Yoshikawa, a teacher of the same school.

Yamaguchi Toshiyuki, a musician who plays the piano.

Kurata Yūki, a professional bokushō artist who creates “Pewter Boku”.

Yoshida Yuko, a member of the “Daisetsu” bakuseki, and one of the main characters.

Shiba Nakamoto, a bishoujo who can turn to bakuretsu (a type of bokyudō).

Kiyomasa Hira, a girl who is part of the school’s bakusa (bokuchou).

Ran Shunsuke, a boy who plays piano.

He was one of many bokus that were attacked by “Piglet” (Pugilus).

Sugita Masakizawa, a manga author who wrote a number of popular manga.

The characters are voiced by: Yoshiyuki Sakurai, Takahiro Sakurai and Kazumi Hashimoto.

The staff includes:

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