How do I get my daughter to stop watching anime?

A mother says she’s seen a “chilling effect” of anime on her 11-year-old daughter.

Fox animal, a girl-focused anime series, was a big influence for her.

“I would watch it with her, just so that she could have some sort of connection with the animals,” said Nicole Smith, whose family is in New Jersey.

“And I would ask her to go to a park and play with a lot of animals, and I would take her to other animal parks.”

Smith said she wanted her daughter to see the world from a more positive perspective.

“She wants to see herself as a beautiful human being, not just in a cartoon or in a movie,” she said.

“That’s the biggest thing.”

Smith and her family have been watching the series for about three years.

The show focuses on a group of animals who live together and are able to communicate in an “animal language.”

Fox Animal’s main characters are a bear, a tiger, a fox, and a kangaroo.

The series also features characters who are called “teachers” who have the power to teach a young animal the meaning of life.

The series focuses on two groups of teachers: a teacher named Shiro and a teacher called Zorro.

Shiro teaches the bears the importance of survival.

Zorros is the fox that helps Shiro with her lesson plan.

“There’s so many little things that Shiro is teaching, and so much to learn about animals and their relationship to humans, and how they work and what their role is in nature,” said Smith.

“It’s really inspiring.”

The family said they are now “trying to teach her a little more about her own feelings” about animals.

Smith said she is now asking her daughter not to watch Fox Animal anymore.

“The show is not for her,” she told ABC News.

“But it’s not something that I can control, so we’re trying to figure out how to make sure she is not watching it.”

Smith and her daughter are now watching more anime.

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