‘Animal Cell’ Sets New Standards for Female Animal Cell Types

Big Anime Tits: New Standards of Female Animal Cells: Animals in big anime tits are the most sexually receptive, sexually mature, and sexually abundant species of mammals on earth.

The new findings from a research project at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) are being published in the journal PLoS ONE.

The researchers found that females in large anime tits have higher levels of male sex hormones and a wider range of sperm types than their smaller sister species.

This difference in the sperm type distribution in anime tits compared to their smaller cousin, the elephant, is one of the biggest evolutionary changes in animal sexual reproduction in the last half million years.

The scientists also found that anime tits had significantly higher levels to the spermatogonia, a hormone associated with semen production in humans.

The sperms of large anime titties have a much higher density than those of elephants, which may be because the sperm are much larger and thus are easier to get through the digestive tract.

The team also found an abundance of sperm in females in larger anime tits than in elephants.

But the difference in sperm density was only found in females that were sexually mature at the time of fertilization.

The study is the first to show the sperm abundance in female anime tits is greater than that of elephants.

The female anime titty was studied at a young age, but the scientists are still waiting to see how long she can produce sperm.

The findings are important because they could help explain why some animals, like the elephant or the lion, produce large numbers of offspring that are not reproductively viable.

The research was funded by the National Science Foundation, the Australian Research Council, the National Geographic Society, and the Australian National University.

It was published online February 13, 2017.

 Big Anime Titties (Image credit: UNSW)  Image credit : UNW

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