When is a dog or cat’s new breed official?

The Department of Homeland Security is moving to allow the public to adopt and re-adopt a new breed of dog or cats.

The agency said Wednesday it plans to officially recognize the new breed as a “possible” new breed and allow them to be sold and displayed in shelters.

It will not be a full-fledged breeding program but will allow people to “selectively choose from one of the possible breeds,” DHS officials said in a statement.

The statement comes just two days after the Trump administration made a series of announcements that it wanted to allow adoption of pets by vets.

The U.S. government currently only permits adoption by vets, which include those who have been vetted to receive federal funds.

But a new government website has allowed vets to submit applications to accept pets as part of their training.

Veterans have said they want to be able to offer pets as pets.

The Trump administration announced last week that it was changing that policy.

It said the new policy would allow vets to offer the new pet to the public.

Critics say vets could be putting animals at risk by letting the public adopt them.

The American Veterinary Medical Association said Wednesday that the decision to allow vets’ services for animals could lead to more euthanasia.

“It seems that the government is now moving toward a situation where the majority of pets will be euthanized rather than being rehabilitated, or rehomed,” said Dr. David T. Linn, the organization’s chief veterinarian.

Dr. Paul D. Hagan, president of the American Veterinary Association, said in an email that vets are already taking a “hard look at the potential for this to be a trend that could have serious consequences for the profession and its patients.”

“Veterinarians are increasingly concerned about the safety of our profession and patients, and they must continue to work hard to ensure that all of our dogs and cats are adopted in a responsible and humane manner,” Hagan said.

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