Why are anime girls sexy?

A lot of us watch anime and it’s great, but we don’t necessarily understand what makes them sexy.

This infographic from Tumblr artist, Hot Anime Girls, gives us a peek into what makes the girls tick, including their gender, sexuality, body type, age range, and more.

The site’s creator, Sarah Smith, said the idea came to her after watching a Japanese anime series called Gakuen Alice.

“I thought to myself, ‘It’s a very strange world, and there’s a lot of weird stuff going on,'” Smith said.

She began to research anime, and found that many of the girls’ outfits were made to fit their body shapes.

“As an artist I thought that the anime girls were sexy,” Smith said, explaining that she started drawing them in the spring of 2016.

“It was really weird seeing how little they looked, because they were all really skinny.”

One of the most common anime character traits is that they’re often portrayed as pretty.

Smith wanted to show off the girls in different poses, but it didn’t always work out.

“Some girls don’t have a body type,” she said.

“They might look more like the girls you’d find in a Japanese magazine.”

Smith began to experiment with different poses for each girl, and soon she had her first work.

“The next thing that really caught my eye was that the poses were all made by me, and I could make them in Photoshop,” she explained.

“Then I started thinking about the girls that I had seen in Japanese anime, where there’s all these girls who look like this, and it really fascinated me.

It was really inspiring to see them in all these different poses.”

For example, one of the characters in The Bamboo Cutter, a Japanese TV series, is named “Tsukiyomi” and her clothes are made from bamboo.

Smith created a series of drawings based on these designs, and then she began to draw them.

“There’s a bunch of different types of poses I can take, and they’re all really fun,” Smith told Quartz.

“You’re just sort of like, ‘Oh my god, I can do that!'”

The results are often hilarious.

One character from The Bamboozled, for example, is the main character who is trying to take a bath.

“We had to make her a bathing suit, which I was actually really happy with,” Smith explained.

Another girl in The Princess Bride, a British TV series about a young couple who go to Paris, has a lot more in common with the characters on the show.

“She’s got this weird, sexy face,” Smith continued.

“And she’s wearing a bikini, so she’s really hot.”

“I think it’s because anime is very Japanese,” Smith added.

“If you look at some of the Japanese characters, they’re so Japanese that they have a very, very Japanese-esque body shape.

So, for me, it was really exciting to create this kind of character.”

The girls have come a long way from their Japanese origins, Smith said; one of her favorite characters, Mai, is modeled after the character of a character in an anime that Smith grew up watching.

Smith has also seen some of her friends fall in love with anime, including the character, Yumi, from the Japanese anime TV series The Boy and the Girl.

She said it was nice to see people like her get to create work like these.

“All the girls are very open to having their art influenced by the world around them, so it’s nice to be able to be inspired by other people’s work, as well,” Smith wrote.

“But it’s also really nice to have that confidence in yourself and the art that you create.”

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