Which anime characters have become black?

It’s a question that’s been asked more than once, but a new poll finds the answer: anime characters.

The survey, by the Japanese research firm Imaio Kondo, found that the most popular anime characters to be black are the ones who appeared in anime series like Kanojo ga Shitai!

and the recent Black Lagoon anime.

That’s because the majority of black anime characters were born in the United States and the United Kingdom, the poll found.

One of the top-ranked characters is the mysterious and powerful princess Satoru.

Her mother is the Japanese samurai Arata, who has been in the series for almost two decades.

The two characters are joined by the more ordinary white-haired character Shigure, and the last is the quirky and beautiful prince Chrollo.

While there’s a slight uptick in the number of black characters appearing in the main series, the percentage of characters of color is still well below the national average.

Only 6 percent of the total population of Japan is black, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

That means that of the people in the country who are black, nearly 60 percent are either born outside the country or are descendants of people who have been born in another country.

There are also a few black male and female characters who are not born in Japan, like the character Ryoji, who was created by manga artist Satoshi Kon and published in a Japanese magazine.

The rest of the characters are from the main cast of Black Lagoo, including the protagonist Shiro, who is the son of a Japanese man and a woman.

A number of characters, like Kato, are a mix of both Japanese and American.

Most of the anime characters born in other countries are American, and some of the most famous are from countries like the U., the U-K., France, Russia and Australia.

Some of the other top-rated anime characters are the main characters from the original Black Lagos.

They are the most well-known and are often portrayed by Japanese actors.

The Black Lagoons have a big following on Twitter, and there’s even a Twitter account that is dedicated to the series.

The popularity of the series has helped draw in a wide range of fans.

Many fans have come to expect that anime is a diverse genre.

But there is a gap in that expectation: while the majority are white and American, a sizable percentage of the audience is made up of Asian-Americans.

The most popular Japanese anime characters, which are also the most diverse in the world, are those of Asian descent.

Japanese animation is not always inclusive of the diversity of the country’s Asian population, however, which can have serious implications for the industry.

According to the Pew Research Center, about 5 percent of Japan’s adult population identifies as Asian and a majority of Japanese-born adults are Japanese-American.

There’s also a large Asian-American community in the U, but it’s less prevalent than it is in the West.

Many Asian-Asian and Asian-Pacific Islander (API) Japanese-Americans live in the suburbs of Los Angeles and are more likely to identify as Chinese.

The Asian American population of the U is smaller than the Asian-Chinese population of other parts of the United State.

The Census Bureau says the proportion of Asian Americans in the population has grown by about 25 percent since 2000, and they now make up about one-quarter of the population of Asian American adults.

While the Asian American community is a large part of the American-born population, the U has been underrepresented in the media.

In addition to the Black Lagons, the American TV and film industries have been plagued by accusations of racial bias.

In an op-ed published in the New York Times, the creators of Black-ish, a popular animated series that stars actors and producers of Asian dramas, wrote that their show is “unfortunate to be the only show that doesn’t have a white actor playing the lead character.”

And in a recent case, a black actor accused of sexually assaulting a white woman won a $3 million lawsuit against a network in a case that pitted the network against a producer who was fired over racist comments he made about Asian-Caribbean women.

In response, the network has pledged to hire more Asian- American actors in its upcoming shows, including Black-ISH and Black-Hair, which is also slated to debut on Netflix this summer.

“We want to create a show that will have more diversity and more people of color,” said executive producer Maya Kannan.

But the number and quality of Asian Asian-produced television shows is low compared to other parts or Asian countries.

Kannen said she hopes that Black-ishly will be a wake-up call for Asian-Canadian and Pacific Islander creators.

The show is already in production and is scheduled to premiere in late 2018.

If the series succeeds, it will be one of the first Asian-language animated shows produced in Canada

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