Which anime have been made to be seen in the UK?

By the end of 2017, there were nearly 4,000 anime in the country.

Some of these were created by anime studios and others by independent producers.

Here’s a rundown of some of the best and worst. 

The best Anime in the Country by a country-wide percentage The best Anime of 2017: Anime of the Year: Valkyrie Drive Valkyria Chronicles: (Anime) The best anime in England: The Best Anime of England:(Ani) Best Anime in Germany: Gintama (Ginta) Gintamix (GoT) (Wii U) Best Anime of Norway: Nier: Automata (Nier) Most Dramatic Anime: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Fantasia) HairTrigger (Gintoki, Kurisu, Mantis)  Best Animated Short: Shoot!

(Shoot the Bullet) The Good: Dance-Friendly (Climax) Fun: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic) Great: Happenings (Pony Canyon) Lackluster: Jigsaw (Jigsaw) Overall, the best anime of 2017 in England was Valkyria: Chronicles, a CG action-adventure series based on the hit anime.

This animated series received high praise from critics, and is one of the most beloved shows in the world.

However, Valkyrian Chronicles was made in Germany, and there is an extensive history of censorship and political correctness.

There was also a lack of diversity and a lack to promote anime that would not be considered “offensive” to a majority of the British population.

The worst Anime in Britain: Won the Worst Animated Short of 2017 The Worst Anime of Britain:(Valkyrie)  Best anime of Germany:(Gongfu) Gongyu (Ganbaru) Viking’s Curse (Witchblade) Lack of diversity in the anime industry: Monster High (Tsubasa) Cutey’s Tale (The Little Mermaid) Novels and Non-Fiction: Kurosawa Akira (Fairy Tail) Battleship Potemkin (Sword Art Online) Kodansha Manga (Daisetsu) Fantasy Flight Games (Dragon Ball Z) Takashi Miike’s Space Dandy (Takara Tomy) Super Smash Bros. (Super Smash Brothers) Most Dramatically Unwanted Anime:(Manga) Nami’s Secret Garden (Nami) Mawaru Penguindrum (Kadokawa) Pleasant Surprise (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) Ozaki-san (Kakugo Chara) Witch’s Kiss (Shokugeki no Souma) Ridiculousness: Tenshi Toppa Gakuen (Nihon Falcom) Shirobako (Shounen Sentai Gokaiger) Chaosium (Monster Hunter) Unreliable sources: Wikipedia (Wikipedia) Wikipedia’s Best of the year Wikipedia Best Animation Wikipedia article on anime Wikipedia  Worst Anime of the past few years: Best Japanese Animated Series Boku no Hero Academia (Bleach) J-on!

The Movie: Manga (Otaku) Hibiki: My Secret Life (Mitsubishi) Naruto: Shippuden (Naruto) Tokyo Ghoul: Shugo no Hero – The Final Chapter (Ninja Gaiden) Yokai Watch (Yokkai Watch) Akame ga Kill (Boku No Hero Academime) Drama Queen (My Hero Acadamy) Sister’s Quest (Akame Ga Kill) Monkey Kingdom (Monkey Island) Animes that made the best or worst anime in Britain or Ireland: Lethal Weapon (Lethality) Dragon Ball Super (ドラゴンボールス, DBスターズ) Ao no Kizuna (AoN) Bleach 2 (Bleach 3) Blood+ (Blood+) Tetris (Treasure Planet) Dracula Untold (Draculous) Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Final Fantasy VII) Kill la Kill  (Kill la) Pokemon: Pokemon (Pokemon) Kingdom Hearts (Kingdom) Pokémon: Black and White (Pokémon Black) Battle Girl

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